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Generator Maintenance

South Florida Generator Maintenance


Summertime in Florida is usually great for beach days and refreshing tropical drinks, but the weather is unpredictable. As any Floridian knows, summertime is prime time for the impact of hurricanes. Hurricanes can not only bring in strong winds and fierce rain, but it can leave communities without power for an extended period of time. That’s why generators are a great investment to have if you live in the tropical paradise of South Florida.

You just can’t set and forget about generators because they require regular maintenance. It’s important that generators are kept up so they can be ready in the event of a power outage. At Complete Environmental Solutions, we offer full generator maintenance to keep your generator running great.

  • Clean inside generator casing

  • Inspect Fan assembly

  • Wash exterior or unit when water readily accessible

  • Clean Intake Assembly

  • Replace or wash standard air-filters

  • Lubricate all moving parts

  • Adjust all drive belts and pulleys

  • Test all safety controls/devices

  • Test, secure and tighten all electrical connections and terminals

  • Measure input and output of high voltage and low voltage current through the system

  • Test and measure all transformers, contactors in the system

  • Test system operation and set ignition timing, switches, and valves, as needed

  • Measure and evaluate coolant in system (if liquid cooled)

  • Activate system to ensure automatic transfer system operates normally

  • Test all motors, starting capacitors, run capacitors and potential relays

  • Test, measure and record operating temperature and output

  • Provide complete written analysis of our finding along with any recommendations that we may have

As a leading Mechanical Contracting Company, Complete Environmental Solutions offers additional services for Automatic Standby Generator Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs on both Residential and Commercial Systems. With over 20 years of Generator Industry Service in Jupiter, our experienced technicians can identify and repair any standby generator issue. We also have Maintenance Agreements to help keep your generator running when you need it. Call us today at 561-747-2862 to schedule an appointment.

Give us a call now at (561) 747-2862 or complete the form below and let us know how we can be of service.

Maintain your Generator with the professionals at CES

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