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Custom Made Air Filters - Jupiter, FL

Do you have trouble finding air filters that easily fit into the return duct grills of your home? Complete Environmental Solutions can help you to get the right air filter products for your needs and make sure they fit properly. Please call or email with your needs for a free quote.


Custom Made Pleated Air Filters

These filters are 100% custom made to your specifications, from 6” x 6” up to 24” x 48”. They can also be undercut by ¼ , ½ ,or ¾ inch in order to fit those difficult filter locations in your home. General delivery is available in the greater West Palm Beach & Jupiter areas. Shipping is available at additional cost.


Four Inch Super Filters

Significant improvement in indoor air quality can be achieved by switching to a Four Inch Super Filter. The tapered shape allows the 4″ depth filter to extend into the airway. The rim gasket holds the filter in place and forms a seal to maximize filtration. Simply remove your existing filter and replace it with the Four Inch Super Filter. No tools or modifications necessary. The Four Inch Super Filter drastically increases surface area of the filter and removes more particulate matter. Most homeowners find that this filter can last 3 to 6 months.


Activated Charcoal Air Filters

Activated Charcoal (or Carbon) Air Filters work to remove unpleasant odors from the air stream as it passes through the filter media. Carbon is the key ingredient for removing all odors. Smoke, pet odors and cooking odors are all absorbed, trapped and held in the tremendous surface area of the micro pelleted charcoal.


Media Air Filters

“Media” air filter is a common name for all types of oversized air filters. These filters typically have their own housing and are located either at or near the air handler, or at an easily accessible place in the ductwork. Brand names of these systems are Aprilaire™, HEPA 600™, Honeywell®, AirBear™, SpaceGuard©, and Trion©, just to name a few. We have access to virtually any size filter for these systems.

Give us a call now at (561) 747-2862 or complete the form below and let us know how we can be of service.

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